Direct-MS produces information booklets on various aspects of multiple sclerosis. These booklets are listed below and a PDF of each one can be opened and downloaded.

This booklet discusses the main causal factors of MS and, with this information as a guide, it lays out our recommendations for nutritional strategies to help control MS.

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This booklet emphasizes the high risk for contracting MS of first-degree relatives of persons with MS. It discusses the causal factors of MS with special emphasis on vitamin D deficiency as a primary cause. Finally, it demonstrates that adequate vitamin D can likely prevent MS in most cases and provides a recommended supplementation regime.

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This booklet demonstrates that the province of Alberta, Canada, the home of DIRECT-MS, has by far the highest rates of MS in the world: Prevalence 340/100,000; Incidence 20/100,000.

Data and interpretations are provided to support the conclusion that the main reason for the “MS Epidemic” of Alberta is that all the main causal factors are present in Alberta, with low vitamin D supply being especially problematic.

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